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As part of its continuous efforts to curb the illegal imposition of levies and fees by unauthorized persons and sanitize the Nigeria tax system, the Joint Tax Board (JTB) has approved the ban on sale of emblems/stickers to motorists across the Federation.
The Board approved the measure after due deliberations and observations. It decried the practice whereby certain persons, some of who have been designated as revenue consultants, have been producing various types of emblems and stickers, and compelling motorists to purchase them under the guise of collecting tolls and levies for government.
At a meeting with key stakeholders notably, the Directorate of Road Traffic Services (otherwise known as VIO), Local Government Council officials, officials from the Federal Capital Territory Authority (FCTA) in Abuja, the Board noted with dismay the incessant harassment and molestation of road users by the so-called sellers of emblems/stickers, a situation which constitutes not only a nuisance but embarrassment to the general public and particularly, the tax authority under whose guise they claim to collect the levies on its behalf.
A statement issued at the end of the meeting and signed by the Secretary of Joint Tax Board, Mr. M. L. Abubakar, also observed that some local Government officials or their designated agents are involved in the shameful act with the aim of generating revenue, pointing out that while the reason may appear as genuine, the practice is not supported by any existing law.
He disclosed that the JTB in a move to address the issue has designed a new consolidated emblem that would be issued free of charge to motor vehicle owners across the country.
The consolidated emblem to be used by the motorists will serve as a clearance for payment of all road taxes and motor vehicle registrations and would be issued annually when the relevant fees have been paid by any motor vehicle owner.
The JTB, therefore, advises consultants, contractors, associations, unions or clubs selling emblems or stickers to motorists to find other lawful means of doing so, so as to avoid violation of the law as well as to strike a balance between the need for enhanced revenue generation and ensuring that sanity, professionalism, and proper application of existing tax laws.