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At a parley with taxpayers in the State the Chairman presented awards to distinguishing taxpayers as a sign of State Government’s appreciation of tax voluntary compliance as well as boosting the morale of the taxpayers to continue living up to their civic obligation of paying their tax(es) as provided by the relevant tax laws and regulations.
She pointed out that taxation remains the sustainable and surest source of income to any government and a means for the taxpayers to hold government accountable.
Ms. Onene Osila then urged the taxpayers not to relent in the payment of their tax(es) to enable them enjoy more dividends of democracy.
The Chairman also pointed out that the Service has introduced measures to check and curtail fraud and tax evasion using, among others, electronic means in the issuance and verification of Tax Clearance Certificate, stressing that the system will further enhance taxpayers’ confidence.
In addition, the Service is currently running its offices on a common and viable service delivery. This, according to her, will not only create real time and spontaneous communication among staff of the Service but, as well, ease taxpayers’ transaction with the Service.
On human resources, the Executive Chairman disclosed that additional two hundred (200) staff were employed by the Service and that training and retraining of staff have been on-going for effectiveness.
The Chairman added that the Board of Internal Revenue is also intensifying effort to enlighten its taxpayers on the new measures through various media so as to carry them along as key stakeholders/partners in the development of the State.
She encouraged the taxpayers to make use of the Rivers State Internal Revenue Service communication channels or call the toll-free lines and avoid the use of middlemen in order to benefit from the effectiveness, efficiency and restoration of confidence in the System.