About TIN (Tax Identification Number)

What is a TIN?

The tax identification number (TIN) is a unique identifier for an individual or a company for the specific purpose of tax remittance. The TIN number is prepared by the tax office and issued to individuals or registered business / incorporated companies for proper identification and verification.

How do I apply for TIN?

Individuals are automatically assigned with a TIN based on their BVN (Bank Verification Number) or NIN (National Identity Number). To get a TIN as an individual, you need to have a NIN or BVN.
Non Individuals such as (Limited Liability Companies, Incorporated Trustees, Enterprises, Cooperative Society, MDAs, Trade Association etc) can register for their TIN online by clicking  here.

You can check online  to see if you have an existing TIN by clicking  here.

Why do I need a TIN?

As a business or individual, TIN is important because that is what shows that you are a registered tax payer in Nigeria, and as you know that tax payment is made compulsory, every company, business, individual must have their own unique tax identification number. After completion of registration with the tax office, the entity or individual is issued a TIN.

How much will it cost me to apply for my TIN?

Applying for TIN is totally free IF YOU DO IT ON YOUR OWN and if you have not incurred any tax penalty based on the time-frame given according to the LAW to obtain your TIN, either as an individual or as a company. There are no fees to be paid unless you intend to employ third parties to assist you in registering and obtaining the TIN.

How long does it take to obtain my TIN

The TIN generation process is real time and in any case should not exceed 48 hours after a TIN request has been submitted. TIN Request can be submitted online via https://tin.jtb.gov.ng

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